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Globe valve advantages and the use ofSource
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Globe valve advantages and the use ofSource: Site Posted by: admin Posted: 2012-03-28 22:24 Views: 7Globe valve advantages:A simple structure, manufacturing and maintenance more convenient.(2) the working stroke is small, open and close a short time.Good sealing, small friction force between the sealing surface, longer life expectancy.Cut-off valve shortcomings:A fluid resistance, the larger force required to open and close.(2) does not apply to particles with a high viscosity, easy to coking media.Adjust the performance is poor.Cut-off type of valve stem threads to the location of points and external thread and internal thread type. The flow of the medium, straight-through, DC type and angle type. Globe valve seal the form of points, packing seal globe valves and bellows sealed stop valve.Installation and maintenance of the cut-off valve should note the following:A hand wheel, lever operated stop valve can be installed in any position on the pipeline.Handwheel, handle and Wei mechanism, does not allow for lifting with.The flow of media should be consistent with the body shown in the arrow direction.Bellows sealed globe valve, its key components - metal bellows, the lower stem assembly with automatic roller welding, the upper connecting plate automatically roll welding, to form a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the atmosphere, ensure that the valve pole zero leakage. The valve flap and valve sealing surface precision ground and assembled 100% pressure test, all to achieve zero leakage. As the secondary seal above the bellows still retains the stuffing, but also increase the reliability and security. The high-pressure valve metal bellows are multi-layer structure, hydroforming, to ensure that the on / off life at 10,000 times the maximum pressure of the whole trip.Use the advantages:A dual seal design (bellows + fill) bellows failure, the stem packing will avoid leakage, and in line with international seal standard.2, safety and environmental protection, there is no fluid loss, reduce energy losses, improve the safety of plant equipment.3, long service life, reduce maintenance times and lower operating costs.4, rugged bellows seal design to ensure zero leakage of the valve stem, to provide maintenance-free conditions.Use:Applicable to the HTF, toxic, flammable, strong permeability, pollute the environment with radioactive fluid medium pipe on the road shut-off valve can also be used to adjust is to create quality products without leakage factory. The valve castings used in all the precision casting.Off valve is shut down parts (disc) moving the valve along the valve seat centerline. According to this mobile form of the valve, the seat through the mouth of the change is directly proportional relationship with the valve stroke. The type of the valve stem to open or close the trip is relatively short, but very reliable cut, due to changes in the valve seat openings and the valve stroke is proportional to the very suitable for flow regulation. Therefore, this type of valve is suitable as a cut or adjust the throttle use.The selection principle is as follows:1, high temperature, high pressure medium pipe or device should be selected cut-off valve. Fire power plants, nuclear power plants, petrochemical system temperature, high pressure pipeline.Pipeline convection resistance to the strict requirements of the pipeline. Consider that the pressure loss is not the place.Three small valves can be selected needle valves, instrument valves, sampling valves, pressure gauge valve.4, a flow regulator or pressure regulators, but the adjustment less precision, and the pipe diameter is relatively small, such as the nominal pass through the pipeline ≤ 50mm, should use.5, synthetic industrial production of fertilizers and fertilizer should be selected nominal pressure PN160 nominal pressure 16MPa or PN320 nominal pressure 32MPa high-pressure angle type globe valve or high-pressure angle of the throttle valve6 the desilication workshop, in the production of alumina Bayer method easy to coke the pipeline, easy selection of the valve body separate type, the seat can be the place, carbide seal pair of DC type valve or DC throttle.7, urban construction, water supply, heating engineering, nominal pass through the smaller pipe, can be used to close the balancing valve or piston valve, such as nominal diameter less than 150mm pipeline.The most obvious advantages are:In the process of opening and closing the valve between the valve sealing surface friction than the gate is small, and therefore wear.The opening height is typically only 1/4 of the diameter of the seat channel, and therefore much smaller than the gate.Usually only one on the valve body and disc sealing surface, and thus manufacturing processes, ease of maintenance.Nominal pressure or the pressure levels: PN1.0-16.0MPa, ANSICLASS150-900, JIS10-20KNominal diameter or caliber: DN10 ~ 500, NPS 1/2 ~ 36 "Connection: flange, butt, thread and other applicable temperature: -196 ℃ ~ 700 ℃Drive mode: Manual, bevel gear, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, Pneumatic, electro-hydraulic linkageBody Material: WCB, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, CF8 (304), CF3 (304L), CF8M (316), CF3M (316L), Ti. Choice of different materials, can be separately applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, the oxidizing medium, urea and other media.Cut-off valve performance, and serve to cut off the pipeline medium. Compared with the gate valve, regulating the performance is better, open a high degree of small, short closing time, manufacturing and maintenance facilities, the sealing surface is not easy to wear, abrasion, good sealing performance, long service life; closing the valve body structure design twists and turns flow resistance, energy consumption; for steam, oil and other media, should not be used for high viscosity with particles, easy to knot the focus, easy precipitation of the medium. In the high pressure stop valve can be balanced structure of the large diameter cut-off valve, globe valve extension products - throttle by changing the flow cross section to control the pressure and flow of the medium, with the exception of the opening and closing parts of the conical flow line, other large part of the same cut-off valve.
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