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The valve fault of ten why
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The valve fault of ten why

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On the use of the valve, in addition to the ten why. Valves used in association with such and such problem.

1, why double-sealing valve as a shut-off valves can not be used?

Two-seat valve core has the advantage of equilibrium structure, allowing pressure, and it highlights the shortcomings of two sealing surface is not also good contact, resulting in large leakage. If it artificially, mandatory for cutting occasions, apparently ineffective, even if it made a lot of improvements ( such as double-sealed sleeve valve ), is not desirable.

2, why the shut-off valve should try to use the seal?

Cut off valve for leakage lower is better, soft sealing valve leakage is the lowest, cutting effect is good of course, but not wear-resisting, poor reliability. The leakage of small, sealed and reliable double standards, soft sealed off as hard sealed off. Such as full-featured super-light control valve, sealing the reactor with wear-resistant alloy protection, high reliability, the leakage rate of 10-7, has been able to meet the requirements of the shut-off valve.

3, why is a small two-seater valve opening oscillation work easier?

In a single core, when the medium is open, the valve has good stability; when the media is autistic-type flow, the valve poor stability. Valve has two valve, valve core in the flow of closed, open on the spool in the flow, so, a small opening in the work, the flow of closed type valve spool is easy to cause vibration, this is a two-seat valve can not be used for the work of a small opening reason.

4, what straight trip regulating valve anti-blocking performance is poor, angular travel valve anti-blocking performance?

The straight travel valve spool is vertical throttle, while the medium is horizontal valve cavity flows, flow passage turn down turn necessarily, the valve flow path becomes quite complex ( such as the shape of inverted" S" type). So, there are many dead, precipitation for the media to provide a space, if things go on like this, causing blockage. Angular travel valve throttle direction is the direction of flowing medium level, level, level out, easy to clean medium away, at the same time the flow path is simple, medium precipitation space is little, so the angular travel valve anti-blocking performance.

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