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3000-6000PSI Ball Valve
2000PSI Ball Valve
1000PSI Ball Valve
Flanged Ball Valve
Metal Seated Ball Valve

                 Item Number:  ZT308F
                    Size              :  1/4"~2"
                    Pressure       :  3000~6000PSI
                     Materrials     :  316 A105 LF2...

 设计与制造(Design and manufacture): ASME B16.34    GB/T12224
检验与试验(Test and inspection):                      API598 JB/T9092
防火设计(Fire safe design):                                             API607
公称压力(Nominal pressure):                            3000--10000PSI
工作温度(Working temperature):                                   -28--232
使用介质(Suitable medium):           适合于水,燃气,油品,等介质
                                     (water, gas,oil, etc)
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